Unable to start Deep Learing Studio caued by missing table

The Startup progress stops and frozen at the message “Waiting for deep learning to start at …”.
There is only one striking log message. In the dls.log is the line “Error in geting login info no such table: socialaccount_socialaccount”.
How can I solve this?

thanks in advance


Hi Jonas,

It seems like DLS is not installed properly. I would suggest you to please reinstall the DLS. Follow the below steps :

  1. Uninstall the existing installation
  2. Make sure you’re connected to a high-speed internet preferably wired
  3. Re-Run the installation

PS: If you get the same issue again, then please share the DLS log with us, from this path <DLS Folder>/logs. Kindly zip the entire log folder and send it to support@deepcognition.ai.


After the 3rd new installation it works fine, ok as fine as something like this can work on windows