Uploading test.csv as a zip file in inference after training gives internal server error

my test.csv file is exactly same as the format of training.csv columns.

Are you using Desktop or Cloud version?

If you haven’t tried on cloud, could you try it on Cloud version. There we will be able to investigate the issue.

I get FileNotFOUND Error when trying to upload test.csv. It indicates test.csv does not exist. I’m new and testing the PRO Edition trial version 3.0 on Windows 10. I’ve successfully run train.csv. I have train.csv and test.csv under the same zip file. When I go the Inference/Deploy tab and set Data Source to Upload the zip file with test.csv, I get the error.

My train data file contains Numeric Inputs and a Categorical Output. I’m wondering whether my test.csv is the problem. I’ve tested it without the Categorical field, with the Categorical field and null values, and with the Categorical field with “??” as values. None of these change the outcome. All the other fields are the same as the train.csv file. Am I missing something?

I’ve tried the Cloud version but I get an internal server error at the start that says my train data is already there but it isn’t. So I can’t really do anything from here.

Any other thoughts or suggestions?


Hi Tony,

Make sure your test file name is test.csv and you are zipping the test.csv file only not the folder containing the test.csv file.

Your test data should be in same format like your train data. All the columns name should be same and test data should not contain any null values.

If it still doesn’t resolve you issue, please mail us your zip file and we will look in to this.

Hope this will help you.