Using deepcognition’s pretrained Inception model for grayscale images

Hi Deep Cognition,

I was transfer learning deepcognition’s pretrained Inception model on color images [as depicted in deep cognition official YouTube channel].

It was fast and great in case of color images.

As per my problem scenario, I have to classify grayscale microscopy images using transfer learning.

Please help me out, how can I use the pretrained Inception model for transfer learning grayscale images inside deep cognition console.

Thanks in anticipation

Kindest Regards,

Pre-trained models like Inception V3 have trained on color images and work well when used with color images for fine-tuning. However, if you have grayscale images you can still use these pre-trained models by repeating your grayscale image over three channels. But it will not work as well as using color images as input.

Thanks a lot Vishal. It worked for me.