Why you guys not providing free instance?

Training the model it will more than 1 or 2 days. You guys just gave 2 hr to use the API instance and complete the competition. Why do i need to pay for extra time? It really sucks. If you want to promote your API, you should provide a free instance for the entire competition.

Could you provide free instance r not?

Exactly, what I thought. I mean it is very tedious because of following reasons:

  1. You cannot set up code on AWS because you don’t have code :blush: Even if you code and save the model it is not sure that it is going to be accepted in the submission tab, because you may not be sure of inputs and outputs.

  2. Same reason with google colab.

  3. Anyways if we are able to code in Colab or AWS it defeats the purpose of promoting their tool :slight_smile:

  4. I tried to use the GPU of my laptop and guess what it took the app more than 2.5 hours to get installed. Also once installed, I was not able to use initially. Now I am able to use but the app is not using GPU which again does not solves my purpose.

Infact what I found that if you provide drag and drop your only focus is on the problem statement but here is not the case!


We have provided 2 free GPU hours since the launch of Deep Learning Studio. The free 2 hours do not have any relationship with this contest.

To participate in this context, you have both free (Desktop version) and paid (Cloud version) options. At this point, we can not provide free cloud instances.