XOR Test with Deep Learning Studio


I built a simple model with DLS to model the output of an XOR function. I am getting a strange error message just at the beginning of the training. I just have a “X1” displayed on the error pop-up message. The X1 is coming from the dataset (one of the two inputs). How can I get passed this issue?

Thank you!

Adding more images to the post, so we can see the whole setup.

Another image of the setup (one at a time as I am not allowed to upload more than one)


We are able to train model from your given inputs .

Can you please share your model with us at hello@deepcognition.ai so that we can investigate more.

Hi Santosh,

Thank you for following up with me. I sent you a message with the project configuration and the training data.

Thank you,

We have checked your CSV file and looks like the column “X1” has some ambiguity, when we retype the column name to X1 again it works fine. So just try the same.

Let us know, Cheers!

Ok thank you for the answer, let me try again. This is helpful!